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It is probable that Zucchini Season will last until December! Today’s zucchini project is a soup base – tremendously simple — 1 big zucchini, 1 big onion & 1 stick of butter. Clean and dice the veg, cook until tender then either freeze or can to be finished off into soup this winter.

This recipe is from Jan, one of my food & nutrition mentors. She blends hers so it is less chunky, then adds her own bone broth, herbs and cream to finish off the soup. She cans her soup base, and she already has several quarts in her pantry. Envy!

I am trying my first batch with two sprigs of fresh rosemary and two bay leaves for flavoring. What do you think of my adding some oven roasted tomatoes and homemade chicken broth to finish off this soup?

If you make this soup base and finish it off, I would love to hear about it.  Annette 🙂