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This is a down & dirty post — wanted to get this published, too much fun and deliciousness!

If you shop at Trader Joe’s you may have noticed the Magic Shell recipe on end caps stocked with Coconut Oil & Semi Sweet Chocolate Chunks.  Any girl or boy raised in the midwest has memories of getting summer treats at the DQ (Am I right?).

Well! Now you can make an adult (& kid) version that is ridiculously simple, yummy and actually good for you.  So much has been discussed about the nutrition benefits of coconut oil, from frying foods to detoxing with oil pulling.

Coconut oil over ice cream!  It is Magic!

HERE’S THE SIMPLE RECIPE;  2 parts chocolate to 1 part coconut oil.

In Minnesota, coconut oil is typically solid (I know, I know …) so I warmed a small saucepan with both the oil and chocolate.  Once the chocolate is softened, take it off the heat and blend.  I made a small amount using 2 tablespoons of chocolate to 1 T coconut oil.  I found this made enough shell for two scoops of ice cream. If I were a kid, I would want all of this for myself; I would not share a bit.

That’s it!  Now scoop your ice cream, pour the Magic Shell over it, and wait about 30 – 45 seconds.


If you have never shopped at Trader Joe’s, here is their link.  Trader Joe’s  I am biased, and the only ice cream I typically buy when I am not making my own is their French Vanilla.  The French Vanilla has a very short list of ingredients and uses sugar to sweeten.

Obviously, you can get all of the ingredients where ever you want.

I am thinking I might blend a little dark chocolate into my next Magic Shell. Have fun!

Annette 🙂